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SCOOTERS: We can source and supply a variety of scooters, from just the one to a garage full and more.

RIDERS: From specialist riders for specific production to arranging numerous owner-riders as extras if required.

CONSULTANCY:  We can ensure the scooters for your project are accurate.

DRESSING: Accessories for the scooters can be sourced and supplied upon demand.

CUSTOMISATION: Need a scooter in a unique style for a specific job? Enquiries welcome.

ON LOCATION: Scooters can be delivered anywhere, just ask.

RIGGING: Need cameras on the scooter or the rider? Need the scooter on a low-loader with a tracking vehicle? No problem.

ON SET STAFF: We go where our scooters go.



Action Scooters offer more than just basic hire

For the safety of the actor or actress – and of course to reduce the risk of damage to our vehicles – we would always suggest that inexperienced performers do not ride a scooter in front of the camera. If, however, a low loader or stunt double simply won’t do, then we can offer assistance with coaching them.

We can arrange rider training with an approved DSA training school prior to any filming to assist the actor or actress to gain the required experience and licence (if applicable). We will also supervise any subsequent riding, whether it be in a studio or on location.

Please note however that riding classic scooters is not always as easy as it may sound on paper and if, in our opinion, we don’t think the artist can safely manage it, then we shall have to refuse permission for them to do so.


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