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  1. What are your terms and conditions?
    As below. By making a hire booking you accept the following terms and conditions.

  2. Hire period
    Our minimum hire period is one day. A working day is 10 hours door to door, that is from leaving where the vehicle originated until it returns there, or from call time until wrap on each day of multiple, consecutive hire days.

  3. Insurance
    Unless specified, all vehicles hired are only insured until the first point of contact with the production or hirer.    When the vehicle first arrives on the first day of shooting, whether this be unit base, a studio or directly to a location, from then on, until the return journey home at the end of the last day, insurance for the vehicle is responsibility of the hirer, whether on camera or not. This includes overnight between consecutive shoot days if kept at unit base.                                                                                                    If it is agreed in advance for artists to ride the vehicles, it is the responsibility of the production company to ensure artists are qualified and are insured to do so. This includes having a full valid driving licence as well as experience and qualifications to ride a geared motor scooter.
    All damage will be charged for, including (but not limited to) damage to a vehicle's paint resulting from graphics applied during the course of the production, any camera mounting, using a vehicle on a low loader (or similar transporting vehicle) for filming, any equipment which may fall or damage a vehicle in any other way while on hire, as well as mechanical damage which is the result of poor or stunt driving.

  4. Payment
    For a one day hire our payment terms are payment on the day of hire. This can be cash or cheque on the day (other payments by prior arrangement). Long term hire is payment in advance at the start of the hire.

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