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  1. Do you have drivers/riders for hire?
    Yes we do.  Please contact us with your requirements and for rates. They will often be happy to appear on film too, if required.  There may be an appearance fee for this and YOU must insure our riders to drive on camera, even if they are riding a vehicle supplied by us.

  2. Can our artists ride your scooters?
    Only with prior arrangement and subject to the artists being licenced and trained to do so. We can help arrange rider training with an approved DSA training school prior to any filming.  However if, in our opinion, we don’t think the artist can safely ride a scooter then we shall have to refuse permission for them to do so.                                                                    If it is agreed in advance for artists to ride the vehicles, it is the responsibility of the production company to ensure artists are qualified and are insured to do so. This includes having a full valid driving licence as well as experience and qualifications to ride a geared motor scooter. Any damage inflicted will be charged for, both cosmetic and mechanical.

  3. Do you offer 'self drive' where I can take a scooter to Brighton for the weekend?
    No, sorry we don't. We do not currently hire out scooters for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or any other similar events either.

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