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  1. I have a production set in a particular year, what scooters should I use?
    From set dressing to character vehicles, we can advise you of the appropriate scooters for any setting.

  2. What other props do you offer?
    We can often accessorise the scooters to suit a scene or script and will alway do our best to accommodate your requirements.

  3. Can we hire other types of vehicle from you?
    We work with a number of other companies in the film and TV industry including one of the leading ‘action vehicles’ companies who will be able to provide you with any vehicle with 4-wheels or more that you may require, from vintage to futuristic. Please contact us with your requirements.

  4. What about tracking vehicles and low-loaders?
    We can arrange this for you, having worked with some of the leading specialists in this field. Please contact us with your requirements.

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